1. Salsahhhhhhh

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  2. tortle:

    I think that tumblr can appreciate the glory of the taco bus.

    We agree!

  3. maexamour:

    Bliss #tacobus

    Beautiful shot.

    Keep eating!

  4. jesslittle:

    My happy place.💘 #tacobus #fortherestofmylife #bestever #inlove (at Taco Bus - Brandon)

    Ours too!

  5. nextstoplondon:

    Nom nom nommmmmm #tacobus #taco #omg (at Taco Bus)

    Nom indeed

  6. living-in-the-stars313:

    Lunch with my love before the concert. We love burritos lol! ❤ #burritos #tacobus

  7. Mexican Coke!

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  8. Just chillin in St. Pete. 

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  9. Tasty shot!

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  10. Silk Spectre visited Taco Bus Brandon for the opening today. She enjoyed the pollo verde.